May 3, 2016

Sawasdeeindy.com – Online Ordering/webmaster

During Covid-19 I helped keep the business alive in a new environment. For Sawasdee Thai Restaurant I setup online ordering on their site and helped to train staff to accept online orders. They have since begun to reclaim business and delivery dollars being lost to Uber Eats and Door Dash, in addition to losses to online fraudsters. I also reclaimed the URLs, google business, yelp, and other online accounts to secure their digital presence.



For The booth Tarkington Civic Theatre I created a custom Bootstrap theme for WordPress. Additionally I used the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin to make the site very user friendly and flexible while keeping a very stable template.

Code Samples


I have customized Goodwill Educations Initiatives’ Blackboard LMS installation. This includes 6 different branded user interfaces determined by account type, and keeping data separate between them. While helping in development of Self-Guided online courses I have decreased bugs and aided in usability.


I was lucky enough to be a liaison with the external vendor Vision3 while working for the the Goodwill’s Excel Centers for adult education. These career kiosks are a large custom-made touch screen with an interface which would sync with ipads which students could then take back to class.


I created assets to fit the wireframes of the animations. Below is a video in which I cameo. At second 18 in the video, it is my silhouette suffering from “long arm syndrome.”  Here is a link to the other videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWvBR8yyCUnr9qrkGorZnw


This was an advertising campaign involving KFC, Guitar Hero, and Dr. Pepper. We created a mini-site, video game, KFC mainstage animation for KFC.com, and animated banner ads. Unfortunately, these projects were created in flash and have been retired. I am currently looking for some additional screen shots, but here are a couple I found.