Stanley Dixon

Problem Solver & Technology Professional
With over a decade of experience in multiple facets of the industry. I am able to solve complex problems and provide sustainable solutions. I have worked for many large-scale, international, and high-profile companies that require a raised level of excellence. Please ask me about some of the projects I have been involved with during my career or scroll down to read more.

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My Philosophy

I believe in leaving the world around me a better place than I found it. This shows through in both my work and in the relationships I form with those around me. I revel in the joy of a succefully completed project and carry the lasting friendships I create.

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My Experience

I have been working as a System Analyst at Purdue Polytechnic High School for the past two years where I provided technology support that helped re-imagine classrooms during a pandemic.
You will be amazed at the diversity of projects I have been part of.

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The Future

I hope to continue making life better for myself, my family, and all of those around me. I am looking forward to the adventures I have yet to find and will continue to explore the world around me.

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